This is more than a tracker
24/7 training coach only for you
Increase workout efficiency & performance

IoS & Android compatible

Realtime Feedback

BARBARLAN measures the tilt in your workout form and helps to ensure balance while correcting your posture realtime via a smartphone app.
Efficiency - Velocity Based Training (VBT)
Lifting heavy does not always equate to an increase in an individual's strength. Try Velocity Based Training, with BARBALAN, to increase your strength in a more effectvie manner.
Building your strength in a systematic manner is most effectively done when you are familiar with your 1RM. Learn your 1 RM with BABALAN, then you can be assured of proper weight selection wiht each exercise to maxmize the benefits.

Accurate Sensing

Monitoring your movement 400 times in a second

Long Battery Life

14 hours of active time and 2 month of sleep mode (full-charge in 20-80 min)


Mounted on bars with various diameters of 25mm to 30 mm

Light Weight

A light weight of 50 g is easy to carry and does not interfere with exercise

Beyond Human Recognition


The most important thing to prevent injury and to exercise better is posture. If the exercise posture is asymmetric, the barbell will also tilt. It coaches in real time when the barbell is tilted.


Velocity based training (VBT) is a modern approach to strength training and power training based on velocity tracking technology


Knowing your 1RM(One Rep Max) enables you to choose the correct weight for each exercise, ensuring that you maximizes your training benefits and build strength systematically.

BARBALAN promise

Technical support

12 Months Limited Warranty

Our team is happy to help with issues that arise. 


IoS & Android compatible