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Contribute to the world 

Board Member

Yoonjin Kim

Biomechanical Engineer

Research interest: 

Osteoarthritis, Sports mechanics 

I want to contribute to the world. 

No matter what it is. 

"Recognize, work-out safe, and be efficient" is only the start with our technology. 

I cannot imagine how this will end but at the end, there will be a better world. 

Junho Hong
CTO, Ph.D Candidate

Field Robot Engineer

Research interest: 

Embedded programming, Sensor  

Money does not move me. Only meaningful actions are the driving force that moves me. Our company's motto is self-realization. My goal is to help people by realizing academic pleasure with technology . Just imaging how much I will contribute to the world is so much fun.

Team Member

Dokwan Lee
Researcher, Ph.D

Biomechanical Engineer

Research interest: 

Osteoarthritis, Motion capture, Data analysis

Junwon Yoon
Researcher, MS candidate

Biomechanical Engineer

Research interest:

Motion capture, Sports mechanics