Install the BARBALAN on the barbell.

With BARBALAN's unique mechanism, you can install the BARBALAN with only one-hand

Connect BARBALAN with your phone

Both IOS and Android application is ready for

your powerful and efficient workout

BARBALAN coaches and spots you during your workout


Collects and analyses your workout data

For your power and strength, BARBALAN coaches you based on modern training technology; 

One-Repetition Maximum method (1RM) and Velocity Based Training method (VBT)

Remove BARBALAN from the barbell

with the BARBALAN's unique mechanism

you can remove the device with only your one hand


With BARBALAN's cutting edge technology, 

you can use BARBALAN for 12 hours in a row and

 BARBALAN can wait you in sleeping mode 

up to one month without charging it. 

(full charge in 20-80min)


It absorbs shock and life water proof