Science Based Training

Through technology based Training,

Safer and more effective exercise is possible

1) Balance

2) One-Repetition Max (1RM) estimation

3) Velocity based training (VBT)


if you know the tilt of the barbell through BARBALAN, 

You can improve the posture imbalance by 50%

Research through Motion Analysis

During barbell exercise, the human body forms a closed chain since two legs are fixed the ground and two hands are fixed to the barbell. When the balance of the body is disturbed from asymmetric posture, the inclination or tilt of the barbell also occurs. 

Due to the nature of the human body, it is not possible to exercise in perfect symmetry at every moment. It prevents the asymmetry of the level that causes injury and inefficiency, resulting in a safer and more effective workout.

One-Repetition Maximum (1RM)  

1RM is the maximum weight that a person can lift up at once. 

1RM can be used to determine an individual's maximum strength, and can also be used as a reference value for determining the 'load' (as a percentage of 1RM) of an exercise. It is traditionally known that exercise at least 85% of maximum strength at 3-5 reps per set to improve maximum strength. Also, it is effective to exercise with a weight of 60 to 80% of 1RM at 8-12 reps for muscle hypertrophy. For improving muscular endurance, It is preferred to exercised with a weight of 30-50% of 1RM at over 15 reps. BARBALAN provides the estimated 1RM and its charts based on the number of reps and weight you enter, helping you choose the right weight for your purpose. to follow the principle of progressive overload We are developing a solution that provides proper reps and sets based on estimated 1RM.

Velocity Based Training (VBT)

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VBT is a mordern approach to check the condition of your body and determine the proper workout load based on the barbell speed. As you repeat the exercise, the overall speed of the exercise decreases, which is caused by muscle fatigue. If your speed does not decrease, you are working with too little weight, and if your speed is dropping sharply, you are working with too much weight. 

BARBALAN measures and record the barbell's up and down speed in real time helping you choose the proper workload. 

Weare developing a solution that suggest the proper workload and stop point analyzing the speed.

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Our daily, weekly, and monthly report give you a simple picture of how your behaviors and workouts have done. Take this advantage and utilize it to increase your workout performance